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AES Dominicana

AES Dominicana, an affiliate of the AES Corporation, has been in the Dominican Republic since 1997. It uses the synergy between all its businesses to create the force to consolidate it as a young, efficient, Dominican group, committed to national development, adding value to its clients, and always promoting AES Corporation’s Values.

AES Dominicana is the largest investor in the Dominican energy sector, with investments exceeding 800 million dollars. It owns 100% of the shares of Dominican Power Partner (DPP) and AES Andres, and 50% of the shares in ITABO, S. A., where the Dominican Government is its strategic partner.

As a business group, it combines a global perspective with deep local knowledge and an untiring commitment in operational excellence to help communities grow by supplying safe and reliable electricity. Year after year AES´ businesses exceed their own historical records for availability, generation, and efficiency, in addition to providing proof of transparency by employing best practices of corporate governance within the Dominican electrical industry.