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AES Dominicana Foundation Logo

The logo of the AES Dominicana Foundation represents social work aimed at improving the quality of life for human beings, improving social surroundings, and promoting the socioeconomic development of those communities where AES carries out its productive activities, as well as the development of Dominican society as a whole.

The shapes represent:

1. The human figure, for the humanistic work performed by the Foundation and centered on human beings.

2. Movement, for the dynamism and creativity of the Foundation's actions.

3. Diversity, for the variety of projects in multiple areas selected by the company.

4. Flexibility, for the capacity and willingness of the organization to attend the specific needs of the communities, in addition to those corresponding to its greater areas of social work.

5. Collaboration, underlining the joint work of the Foundation, the AES companies, and their interest groups, to achieve the social action objectives they have set for themselves.

6. "The energy of being global", the AES Dominicana slogan, is a concept that finds its effective graphic expression in this logo, as a way of linking the Foundation with the AES Dominicana Company.