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Rio Haina Foundation and AES Dominicana Foundation delivered donation of school supplies to students with limited resources

HAINA, San Cristobal. - Rio Haina Foundation, chaired by businessman Fernando Hasbun Thursday gave a donation of backpacks with school supplies to hundreds of children in the town of Haina and The Eighteenth sector.

The donation was led by Fernando Hasbun, and performed in several public schools in the municipality with the aim of facilitating access to education for hundreds of students with limited resources.

Hasbun encouraged children to continue their education so that they have more opportunities to improve their quality of life.

The delivery of supplies and materials was a joint operation of the Rio Haina Foundation and AES Dominicana Foundation.

In the activity, Fernando Hasbun thanked AES Dominicana for their support and contribution to the education of children enrolled in primary and secondary education in this county.

The backpacks and school supplies were formally received by the directors of each public school location, and in the same manner they gave them to the students.

Hasbun took the opportunity to also thank Dr. Antonio Cruz Jiminián for always keeping his doors open to the hundreds of patients who Río Haina Foundation send regularly to provide them with medical care at his clinic in the National District.

Río Haina Foundation is a nonprofit organization that since its inception in 2011 has focused on social assistance in the town of Haina.

Its social labor have been characterized by medical operations, drug free delivery, resource management, and treatment of high cost medical services, aid to the elderly people and donated wheelchairs to disabled use