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AES Dominican operation helps town deal with water crunch

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.-  AES power company Dominican operation AES Andres is helping the resort town Boca Chica deal with the water shortage parching the entire country, distributed through the utility COORABO.

The power company maintains its operation throughout the area to provide water to the most affected communities including La Bobina, Ubieral, Los Cocos, Torre 39, El Brisal, Barrio Azul, Brisas de Caucedo, Monte Adentro, Santa Lucía and Los Unidos.

AES Dominican has donated 50,000 gallons in the last two days but could rise to meet the communities’ needs.

In a statement, the country´s biggest power company said CORAABO CEO Fermin Brito, who has personally coordinated the distribution with tanker trucks, thanked AES Andres´ executives for alleviating the urgency.

“AES Andres is one of the companies within the energy group AES Dominicana, located in the municipality of Boca Chica, and maintains a comprehensive Social Responsibility program in neighboring communities.