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AES Dominicana, Dominican Utility train coal-fired plant staff
Santo Domingo.- The power company AES Dominicana and Dominican republic´s State-owned electric utility (CDEEE) jointly implemented a technical training program for staff working at the Punta Catalina (south) power plants project.

The 720 hours of training was provided at the Itabo 260 MW, coal-fired power plant, whose ownership is split evenly by the State and AES Dominicana, to support engineers with knowledge transfer through internships in real-time operation at the facility.

"This joint effort represents one of the most important initiatives to increase local capacities in coal technology will be as necessary for the proper functioning of the energy platform which will be integrated into the system. We are proud to provide a platform for professional and personal development," said AES Dominicana president Edwin De los Santos.

Utility CEO Ruben Jimenez Bichara thanked AES for its support and cooperation so that six of the engineers working at Punta Catalina could undergo an internship in Itabo.

In a letter to AES, Jimenez Bichara said the technicians´ internship "serves as a starting point for the technical and operational training of our employees who need to be prepared and have appropriate technical response to the next stages of important energy project."

In a statement, AES Dominicana said De los Santos reiterated a “willingness to continue this atmosphere of cooperation to promote the transfer of knowledge from a world class operator and developer such as the AES Corporation.”