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AES Dominicana wins 3 prizes from the Environment Ministry

Santo Domingo.- The AES Dominicana energy group obtained several prizes in the Environment Ministry´s 3rd annual National Clean Production Award, headed by AES´s Andres power plant´s "Excellence in Cleaner Production" for the ´Water´ category.The power plant also won the "Successful Implementation of Cleaner Production" in the Energy category.

“AES Andres supplied around 319 megawatts to the national grid at competitive prices based on natural gas and the most environmentally friendly of all components of the country's energy mix fuel,” the company said in a statement.

Another AES Dominicana power plant Itabo, SA, took the "Successful Implementation of Clean Production" in the Water category.

“These tree awards are a true reflection of the commitment by all AES employees and the compliance with the best environmental practices,” said AES Dominican Republic group president Edwin De los Santos, who lauded the Environment Ministry´s management.

He said it was an honor for AES Dominicana´s entire team to receive the awards, “which are aligned with corporate values ??that characterize them.”

The National Cleaner Production Award aims to recognize the work by the companies which supply production or provide services, and demonstrate the implemented of a cleaner production strategy (energy efficiency, sustainable use of natural resources, reduction / prevention of pollution, etc.). They are recognized in the categories: water, energy, materials, renewable energy and environmental management systems.