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AES Projects
POETA (Programa de Oportunidades para el empleo a través de la Tecnología en las Américas)
This Project is coordinated by the Trust for the Americas Foundation, a non-profit organization affiliated to the Organization of American States (OAS) with the support of AES Corporation and Microsoft.  Its purpose is to provide underprivileged youth with access and training to Information Technology and Communication (ITC), offering training modules on self-employment, and giving them tools that will foster their success in the Dominican labor market.
Energy Hall in the Trampoline Children's Museum

This is an educational project that completes the Trampoline Children’s Museum’s offerings, to be enjoyed by present and future generations in terms of energy education, benefitting more than 70,000 children annually.

Haina Recycles Contest

“Haina Recycles” consists of a contest to recycle plastic PET and PEAD materials, with the principal objective of raising people´s awareness about their social duty and responsibility to the environment.

Raising the awareness of the community of Los Bajos de Haina, especially of students and teachers in the participating educational centers, about the concept of the 3Rs:  Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.

“Love your School” 5 Educational Centers, 2,750 Students

Through this program the AES Dominicana Foundation has made it possible for students from the schools it sponsors to be taught under optimum conditions, thereby supporting the work of the education authorities to reduce the number of school drop-outs, which often causes poor conditions in some centers.

“For a Bluer Ocean” World Coastline Cleanup Day

The AES Dominicana Foundation every year joins in the World Coastline Cleanup Day, which is promoted in this country by the Blue Life Foundation, in coordination with important organizations such as the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry and city halls.

Lend a Hand…. It´s Time to Reforest

AES Dominicana Foundation, with the San José de Ocoa Development Association (Adesjo) and Pronatura, participate every year in reforestation operations intended to counter the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2), which are responsible for climate change.


The work is sponsored by the AES Dominicana Foundation

The economist, writer, and intellectual, Bernardo Vega, has published the work “Me lo Contó el Ozama” (“What The Ozama Told Me”), sponsored by the AES Dominicana Foundation, under the coordination of the Casa de Teatro Foundation headed by Freddy Ginebra.


Program Granting Scholarships to Outstanding Students

The AES Dominicana Foundation, conscious of the importance of motivating and supporting young Dominican talent, contributes to Intec´s Outstanding Student Program (PIES-INTEC), by granting scholarships to strengthen that valuable work in favor of education.  

Cultural Project “Songs of Home”

With the objective of showing support for a new generation of young Dominican artists, in December 2009 the AES Dominicana Foundation in alliance with Casa de Teatro, an organization that for over 35 years has been the cradle of many of today´s national and international talent, joined together to produce the CD “Songs of Home.”

“Young Dominican Art: Margins, Gender, Interactions, and New Territories” – a legacy to culture by the AES Dominicana Foundation

The AES Dominicana Foundation and Casa de Teatro once again have joined forces to deliver, in December 2009, another legacy for national culture.  The artistic compendium of “Young Dominican Art:  Margins, Gender, Interactions, and New Territories,” is another of the results of the strategic alliance of these two not-for-profit entities that work for the common good of key areas for the country´s development.


Internships with students from the Haina Polytechnic Institute

This project incorporates three basic aspects: technical visits by electricity and mechanic students of the Haina Polytechnical Instutte to the AES Itabo installations, and internships for deserving students.

Children´s Painting Contest “Paint with Energy”

In 2009 the AES Dominicana Foundation, in alliance with the magazine “Tinmarín” of the newspaper “Hoy,” held a children´s painting contest called “Paint with Energy,” through which it raised the consciousness of children about the efficient use of energy.